Mostly Democrats Now

by Jane S. Shaw

In the tradition of Daniel Klein and Charlotta Stern, the Pope Center has examined the political makeup of the faculty of North Carolina colleges and universities (54 institutions in all) — and learned that they are mostly Democrats!

The study, directed by Jenna Ashley Robinson, was based on the affiliations of faculty in the political science and economics departments. Using voter-registration data, Robinson compiled ratios for Democrats to Republicans on all campuses (except for a handful that either lacked one of those departments or for which information couldn’t be found).

The most unbalanced campuses were the University of North Carolina at Asheville, which had a ratio of ten Democrats to zero Republicans, and the University of North Carolina at Wilmington and Elon University, which both had a ratio of 14 Democrats to one Republican. There were also a few Republican majorities. The strongest showing was by Campbell University, a private school, which had a ratio of three Republicans to one Democrat. You can view the entire list on the Pope Center site. 

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