Less Lurid, More Weird

by Fred Schwarz

It’s not quite up there with Northwestern’s switched-on live sex show, but Prof. Jack Rappaport of Philadelphia’s La Salle University has been suspended for bringing scantily clad women (not quite “strippers,” as some news accounts have described them) to class, where they may or may not have performed in some suggestive fashion. (La Salle is a Catholic institution, by the way.)

Nothing about this story makes sense, beginning with the purported subject of Rappaport’s lecture: “the application of Platonic and Hegelian ethics to business.” How the students’ grasp of philosophy was enhanced by the presence of “women dressed in bikinis or miniskirts” is unclear, and there’s some dispute over whether the ladies gave lap dances or just stood there looking beautiful. (A humorless dean walked in and broke up the class, so there’s no telling what sort of a climax had been planned.) But the most puzzling part of the whole article comes in the last sentence:

In addition to his teaching load, Rappaport also served on the university’s committee on academic integrity.

He must have been appointed by the same guy who chooses members for the U.N.’s Human Rights Council.

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