re: Clarification re: Sluts

by Carol Iannone

Robert asked some time ago: “Yale created an ‘intimidating’ environment when male students yelled that they loved sluts; [York University in Toronto] hosted a ‘Slut Walk,’ and some males yelled the same thing. Is the latter example intimidating or empowering?”

My answer would be: It’s a bad idea in either case. In my view, men should resist this notion of calling women sluts, whether to encourage or intimidate, whether to support in some debased fashion or to coerce. They should do their best to resist the “girls gone wild” scenario and ask women to exercise decorum again. This would be a greater assertion of their masculinity than advertising themselves as studs and gigolos. A new adaptation of John Buchan’s 39 Steps, which I assume is more faithful to the novel than Hitchcock’s delightful version, shows the main character resisting the offer of the young woman to sleep with him, because he wants to protect her, not use her. Such restraint actually gives men more control than opportunistic indulgence. 

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