A New Beginning

by David French

Yesterday marked my first day as a senior counsel for the American Center for Law and Justice. I’m thrilled to be joining the ACLJ team, where I’ll have the opportunity to capitalize on my deployment experience and directly engage the radical Left’s efforts to misuse and abuse international law to limit our civilization’s inherent right of self defense. I’ll work not only to defend American interests by opposing the Left’s efforts to redefine our war as a glorified police action, but also to defend Israel’s right of self-defense against radicals who again and again impose double standards on our besieged Middle Eastern ally. The ACLJ has long been directly engaged in defending our civilization from the jihadist threat, and I’m proud to join them.

At the same time, I will continue to defend academic freedom — taking strategic cases that advance the marketplace of ideas on campus. The battle for our civilization is fought on many fronts, and I’m thankful for the opportunity to combine my military and civilian legal experience at one location and in one job. 

I distinctly remember the day that ACLJ’s chief counsel, Jay Sekulow, spoke to my law-school Christian Fellowship. As an aspiring corporate lawyer (yes, some people do aspire to law firm greatness), I had no idea that I would one day join Jay on the front lines of the legal battle for liberty. 

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