How About Starting at the Bottom?

by Jason Fertig

Perhaps I’m too cold-hearted, but I cannot sympathize with articles like this one in the New York Post or this one in my local Evansville Courier & Press — more college grads are moving home because they cannot find a job. Yes, unemployment is higher than we would like, but the unspoken truth in these pity-party articles is that many graduating students overinflate their worth in the job market.

I’m not picking on anyone here – I was the same way when I graduated college. I wish someone would have slapped some sense into me at that time. It took working for $10 an hour at a gym to teach me a clearer view of the world.

Instead of “you can do anything you want” graduation speeches, I would like to see someone get up to the podium and tell students that they should aim high, but still be willing to start a career at the bottom (and the bottom does not mean mom and dad’s basement). 

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