Campus Talk

by Jane S. Shaw

What are students being told on campus these days? A review of the publicly announced lectures at North Carolina universities over the past semester suggests that the hot topics are sex, innovation, environmentalism, and oppression of minorities (and one majority, women). The Pope Center’s Duke Cheston found such gems as: “The Sexual Politics of Meat” at Davidson, “The Greening of Feminism” at Wake Forest, “Bursting the Heteronormative Bubble Discussion Group” at Elon, and “Really Inconvenient Truths: Gender Climate Change and the Environment” at Appalachian State.

Not all the lectures were so extreme, of course. Duke’s article is based on a review of talks and panel discussions reported on the websites of North Carolina universities, and some of the better lectures weren’t well publicized. But if you want uplifting discussions, stay away from campus.

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