Not Religious Enough for the Feds?

by David French

Last year, we saw a North Carolina court rule that Davidson University was too religious to have a campus police force. This year, NLRB officials have twice ruled that Catholic Colleges (Manhattan College and St. Xavier University) were not religious enough to escape the Board’s jurisdiction.

Can you say “excessive entanglement“?

Do we really want any arm of the government determining the proper degree of religiosity of private institutions? Isn’t it rather intrusive for government agencies to be probing schools to determine how (or how much) they teach the Bible? Isn’t the openness of any given Christian institution to non-Christian individuals or teachings a matter for the conscience and beliefs of that school’s leaders or church?

The Obama administration’s pro-labor bias is clear. We’ve seen the NLRB tell Boeing that it can’t build an aircraft plant in a right-to-work state, and now NLRB officials are de-legitimizing universities’ Christian identities to help allegedly oppressed adjuncts. No amount of legal abuse can reverse labor’s inexorable decline, but it can do real violence to the rule of law and fundamental rights.

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