I Like This

by Jane S. Shaw

On June 3, Naomi Schaefer Riley addressed the increasingly popular topic of whether college is worth the time and expense in the Washington Post. She gave credit to Peter Thiel and his entrepreneurial fellowships for having awakened people to the possibility of other paths to success. 

What I like best is this comment by Riley:

College as a sorting process for talent or a way to babysit 18-year-olds is not very efficient for anyone involved. Would students rather show their SAT scores to companies and then apply for training positions where they can learn the skills they need to be successful? Maybe the companies could throw in some liberal arts courses along the way.

Perhaps we already have the credentialing device that industry needs — the SAT score. (Yes, I admit, hiring an 18-year-old for serious work is not always the best idea, but the Army does it.) It’s an intriguing idea.

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