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Wolf Cries and Crocodile Tears


Throughout the country, states are cutting back on their public university systems. It’s even happening to the University of North Carolina, long the darling of the state’s Democratic political establishment, as Jay Schalin writes on the Pope Center site. Yet even a 14.6 percent cut will not spur the kind of change that’s needed in the academy. A maximum of 3,200 jobs could be lost, the university reports, but many of these will not be actual layoffs; universities pride themselves on stockpiling money for academic appointments, to be used when convenient.  Furthermore, turnover is typically 4,800 people a year in the university system.

And for additional perspective, Don Carrington reported today on the John Locke Foundation site:

Public sector employment levels in North Carolina have been stable since the start of the recession in December 2007. It would take a loss of 63,000 government jobs to match the nearly 9 percent net loss that has occurred in the private sector during that time.

How stable have those levels been? Five hundred people have been added to the public sector since December 2007. 


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