Better Business Blueprint Needed

by Jason Fertig

In my essay today on the NAS site, I take issue with Anne Colby, Thomas Ehrlich, William M. Sullivan, and Jonathan R. Dolle’s Chronicle of Higher Education article “Blueprint for a Better Business Curriculum.”

Colby et al. argue for a more liberal-arts approach to business education — which I support — but their proposed changes involve adding more sustainability and anti-capitalist rhetoric into the undergraduate business curriculum:

Today’s educational challenge is to prepare students for a world in which ensuring the welfare of the human population must take place within a concern for planetary survival.

. . .

And it is especially important that business students learn to recognize and distinguish between the dominant logic of business and the marketplace, on the one hand, and, on the other, the very different values and ways of acting that hold sway in the family and the domestic sphere, the worlds of science and education, the arts, and within a democratic government.

I’d rather see more writing and more rigorous reading material replace the theoretical drivel that is currently taught in many business classes.  

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