Minority Males Falling Farther Behind

by Nathan Harden

I hate to start the morning off on a sour note. But these facts are too alarming to ignore. The Los Angeles Times reports some bleak statistics today on educational under-achievement among male members of several ethnic groups.

Among the findings:

• 28% of African American men and 16% of Latino men aged 25 to 34 had obtained an associate’s degree or higher, compared with 70% of Asian American men and 44% of white men.

• Large proportions of minority men aged 15 to 24 with high school diplomas were unemployed — 34% of black men, 47% of Latinos, 39% of Native Americans and 30% of Asian Americans.

• Incarceration rates are increasing — 10% of black men aged 15-24 were incarcerated, as were 5% of Latinos and 3% of Asian Americans and Native Americans.

The report also found a creeping gender gap, with men in each race and ethnicity, including whites, less likely to attend and complete college and more likely to drop out than their female counterparts.

The heavy social, moral, and economic costs associated with these demographic figures will affect all Americans for decades to come.

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