DSK and Duke Lacrosse

by Carol Iannone

Was Dominique Strauss-Kahn a victim of the Duke lacrosse syndrome? Are prosecutors too ready to believe the feminist scenario in which powerful white men are the natural exploiters of subordinate women, especially poor minority women?

The collapse of the case against him is shocking. The information that has been discovered about the accuser’s shady past and present, especially about irregularities in her refugee status, as well as her repeated lying, all detailed here, should have been evident much sooner. Cyrus Vance’s office, unlike District Attorney Nifong in the Duke case, has furrowed out the incriminating information that places the supposed victim’s story in doubt, and is proceeding with clearing him. But questions remain as to why the New York prosecutors were so convinced of her version so early on and were willing to subject Strauss-Kahn to such onerous bail terms.

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