Re: Winklevoss Twins

by Carol Iannone

My friend and viewing companion nudged me during The Social Network to whisper, ”Are we supposed to hate the Winklevoss twins? I don’t.” I felt the same way. I don’t think the film came out strongly one way or the other, but I thought the twins had a valid point about Zuckerberg’s not telling them where he was going with their idea, and not giving them sufficient credit for catalyzing him. In addition, I thought their concepts of honor and honesty and old-school behavior were more admirable than Zuckerberg’s nihilistic sort of screw-you attitude. The fact that Lawrence Summers mocks the twins because they have some sense of standards in dress and behavior does not make him look good, and highlights his own rather careless and slovenly demeanor. And I have admired him for other things.  

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