Sad Song of Norway

by Carol Iannone

Many of us may have fond feelings for Norway, what with the beautiful Irene Dunne film I Remember Mama, the music of Edvard Grieg, and the plays of Ibsen, but according to Bruce Bawer in this interview with the Jerusalem Post from earlier this year, republished after the recent horror, postwar Norway was gradually taken over by the Left, which managed a thorough job of indoctrination and thought control through the schools and universities. This should be a caution for us. The main subject of the interview is Norwegian anti-Semitism. Bawer remarks: 

With a few notable exceptions, Norwegians did not exactly cover themselves in glory during the Nazi occupation. Unlike their counterparts in Denmark, Norwegian gentiles made no major effort to protect their Jewish neighbors. To be sure, in the decades after the war, Norway was a staunch ally of the US and Israel; but the entrenched leftwing elite did its work through the schools, universities and media — producing a generation of Norwegians for whom being virtuous and intellectually sophisticated means, among other things, embracing the Muslim “victim,” and despising the Israeli “bully.”

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