An Important Word from Ward Connerly

by Roger Clegg

Over the weekend, Ward Connerly sent me and others an e-mail with this arresting subject line: “BAMN has a class at UC Berkeley.” The class is described at this link. And here is Ward’s accompanying e-mail:

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the “Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, Integration & Immigrant Rights and Fight for Equality By Any Means Necessary” (BAMN), this is a far-left group that has been a major opponent of ours across the nation. BAMN was the plaintiff in the recently announced decision handed down by a panel of the Sixth Circuit which ruled that the Michigan initiative was unconstitutional (a perverse decision). As Regents of the University of California, John Moores and I can attest to the despicable tactics of this group. Their history includes taking elementary kids out of school and using them as props at BAMN rallies. In Michigan, BAMN took a group of kids to the State Capital and as part of their rally, the kids stole candy and other items from a blind concessionaire. The tactics of BAMN are consistent with their name; they will use “any means necessary” to preserve preferences and illegal immigration. BAMN has its roots as a communist, Saul Alinsky-type organization. Their website is filled with lies and distortions and specifically targets Richard Sander and me as “opponents of equality.” They are not pro-equality; they are the exact opposite. BAMN has announced its intention to overturn Proposition 209. 

It is extraordinarily inappropriate and truly outrageous that this organization should be given a class at UC Berkeley to facilitate the achievement of their objective. … We need your help to mount a national effort to call attention to this blatant abuse of taxpayer resources. I very seriously doubt that the UC Regents will involve themselves in this controversy. As John Moores once said, the Regents are “like furniture” when it comes to getting involved in many relevant issues. And, Jerry Brown has aligned himself with them. The chancellor at Berkeley is also dedicated to overturning 209. Therefore, we will receive no help from the political establishment.

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