Re: Mushrooming Syllabi

by Carol Iannone

What George says of Bertonneau’s article — “Students are less and less accustomed to academic work, more inclined to complain if things aren’t spelled out for them in minute detail” — is what I was suggesting went wrong in the Casey Anthony case. The jurors simply seemed unwilling and unable to do the work of examining the evidence piece by piece, working out the links, deciding if the doubts they had were reasonable or simply red herrings that the defense had thrown out. From their comments afterward, they seemed to have expected to have the whole scenario spelled out for them in detail, with incontrovertible proof for every step, with no burden on them to piece things together or figure something out, such as how the body might have got into Casey Anthony’s car. The idea that this kind of expectation might be the result of excessive hand-holding in college teaching nowadays is intriguing.

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