The Sandwich Bag of Doom

by Jason Fertig

In eco-totalitarian news, the New York Times ran an article detailing school policies that advocate waste-free options for lunch. As the article implies, more is going on here than a simple offering of greener options:

“Ziplocs are the biggest misstep,” said Julie Corbett, a mother in Oakland, Calif., whose two girls attend a school with an eco-friendly lunch policy. In school years past, she said, many a morning came unhinged when the girls were sent to school with disposable sandwich bags.

“That’s when the kids have meltdowns, because they don’t want to be shamed at school,” Ms. Corbett said. “It’s a big deal.”

Shamed for bringing a PB&J in a plastic bag? My, how schools have changed. There was a time when students were shamed when whiffing on a kickball pitch. Now they are much more sophisticated.

I call for a movement to place “My Kid Uses Ziploc” bumper stickers alongside the ones that read “My Kid Beat Up Your Honor Student.”

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