Climate Change Debunker Debunked?

by Nathan Harden

Back in July, I cited a study on this blog by Roy Spencer, a research scientist at the University of Alabama, Huntsville. The study appeared to poke holes in the data scientists have widely used to trace global-warming trends. Today, however, I learned that Wolfgang Wagner, editor-in-chief of the journal that published Spencer’s paper, has resigned after critics convinced him that the paper contained “fundamental methodological erros” and “false claims.” Wagner states that the paper should not have made it past the peer-review process and should not have been published.

Spencer responded to Wagner’s resignation in an interview with BBC News, saying that he “stand[s] behind the science contained in the paper,” and maintaining that, with respect to the causes of global warming, “there is as yet no way to know with any level of scientific certainty how much is man-made versus natural.”

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