The $62,000 Per Year Bachelor’s Degree

by Nathan Harden

When I posted a list earlier this week under the heading “America’s Most Expensive Colleges,” I wondered how long it would be until the $60,000 per year mark was surpassed. Apparently we have already reached that milestone. Below the post I found this comment from a woman who aptly dubbed herself “brokemom”:

I find these lists to be daunting. There are a lot of hidden fees that are not accounted for. For example, my child attends Tisch at NYU and we pay $62,000 for tuition, room and board and studio fees. According to your list, we would be paying the highest amount!!!


I feel the need to point out that for this amount of money one could purchase a brand new Lotus sports car (my personal dream vehicle) every single year, and still have $10,000 left over to attend a nearby community college or state school. Keep that up through grad school, and you could have a private fleet of seven exotic sports cars — one for every day of the week. Hmmm, makes one think . . .

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