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Vinny From Jersey Shore Lectures at Columbia


Continuing its tradition of inviting some of the world’s most distinguished individuals to lecture on its campus, Columbia University recently hosted a guest lecture by a guy named Vinny, who is a cast member on MTV’s hard-partying “reality” show, Jersey Shore.

Fittingly, details of Vinny’s Columbia lecture were first reported by the lowbrow gossip website TMZ. According to TMZ: “Vinny Guadagnino was invited to speak in a Columbia sociology class on ‘deviance’ . . . a subject on which Vinny is a recognized expert.”

Keep up this important intellectual work, Columbia!

For more special Jersey Shore moments from Vinny and his television buddies, follow this link. (You don’t want to miss his drunken hip-hop improvisations.)
Don’t blame Vinny for accepting Columbia’s invitation. In my book, the blame for this matter rests solely on the university.
Can there be any doubt that, like so many of our leading universities, Columbia has long lost its sense of guiding intellectual purpose?


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