Nevada Student Sues Over Sex Class Assignment

by Nathan Harden

This comes via The College Fix: “A student at Western Nevada College has filed a sexual harassment claim against the school, citing her experiences in Tom Kubistant’s Human Sexuality class. The student, Karen Royce, alleged that Kubistant instructed students to masturbate twice as often and keep detailed accounts of their sexual lives.”

According to the Arizona Republic:

Other journal assignments in Kubistant’s class included requiring female students to write “your views of your breasts and vulva,” and the instruction: “Your orgasms. Draw them!”

The term paper for the course requires students to write a 12- to 14-page sexual case study on themselves.

The project begins with a sex history — including a directive to reveal any instances of abuse — and continues through sexual values, arousal patterns and atypical issues such as fetishes.

When Royce asked Kubistant for an alternative assignment, she said, he again refused.

“He said I absolutely had to complete it as assigned or I would not pass the class,” she said in the complaint. “Then he inferred to the class that I had issues that (I) need to work out and this might be sexual freedom.”

From a moral standpoint, this is debased. From an academic standpoint, this is without purpose. From a legal standpoint, if the professor actually made a point of criticizing the student in front of the class and inferring that she had “issues,” then this may well be sexual harassment.

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