Re: Air Force Academy Pagan Shrine

by Nathan Harden

This week, news emerged that scientists have discovered strange pits below the surface of Stonehenge, thought perhaps to have been used for sun worship long before the stones were erected at the site.

The hypothesis gained more weight when the researchers measured the walking distance between the two pits.

They discovered that the procession would reach exactly halfway at midday, when the sun would be directly on top of Stonehenge.

“This is more than just a coincidence, indicating that the exact length of the Cursus and the positioning of the pits are of significance,” said Henry Chapman, senior lecturer in archaeology and visualization at the University of Birmingham.

We recently learned that the Air Force Academy, in order to enhance our military readiness, erected an $80,000 generic pagan shrine for “future cadets” who follow “earth-based” religions, based loosely on Stonehenge — despite the fact that there was basically no current demand for such a project among cadets.

Of course, they will now need to carry out a costly subterranean modification. By not including solar-aligned underground pits in the original project, it seems to me, the Academy has revealed an institutionalized terrestrial bias. They have inadvertently discriminated against potential “future cadets” who follow “sun-based” religions.

Where are sun-worshiping cadets supposed to pray — the beach?

Dear NRO readers: Please consider lobbying your local congressperson in order to get the needed funds to upgrade the shrine and make it more NTPB (non-terrestrial pagan believer) friendly.

This is earmark season, after all.

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