Home-Schoolers Shall Rule the World

by Nathan Harden

Or else, they shall at least understand those who did so in the past. At the Corner, Hans A. von Spakovsky explains how his home-schooled nephew was writing insightful commentaries on Plutarch’s Lives by age 15. How many public-high-school students are doing that? How many college students for that matter?

Makes you wish there was such a thing as college home-schooling. Then again, if students received an education in our public schools that tapped their full potential, rather than the low-performing, time-wasting experience they often plod through, they might actually be prepared for college. And college might then be a much more educational and less remedial experience.

Anyway, as a former sometime-public-school-student and sometime-home-schooler, I can attest to the learning benefits of homeschooling when it’s done right. It’s a great choice for many families, although it’s not an option for everyone. Probably the best thing about it is that it deprives the government of its most powerful instrument of social engineering in your child’s life.

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