America Brought Multiculturalism to Iraq

by Carol Iannone

An opinion piece in the New York Times posits that a fateful turning point in American thinking about Iraq came in 2002, as Bush prepared for war. “At conferences with exiled Iraqi opposition leaders, Americans argued that new political institutions should reflect Iraq’s ethno-sectarian groups proportionally,” writes the author. ”Crucially, the focus moved beyond the primary Arab-Kurdish cleavage to include notions of separate quotas for Shiites and Sunnis . . . Arabs who saw themselves as Iraqis suddenly became anomalies.” The policy was continued under Obama.  

I can’t find the exact quotation, but John Adams once noted how the regime in which people are cultivated will influence their efforts in many areas. If there is a something to be done, citizens of a monarchy will look to a single leader, citizens of an aristocracy will elect a committee, and citizens of a democracy will take a show of hands. Following that logic, citizens of a multicultural society will look to enforce group proportionality. Multiculturalism has not only harmed our own country, but has now become the cause for which our soldiers fight and die in other countries. American exceptionalism is eroding. 

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