Obama Has Made Youth More Miserable

by Nathan Harden

In 2008 Obama soared into office on a happy breeze of youth enthusiasm, but he has now seen his support among young people fall by nearly 30 points in the polls. Rather than bringing “hope and change,” Obama’s policies have actually made America’s youth measurably more miserable. That’s the conclusion of my op-ed in today’s Washington Times (co-written with Ron Meyer of the Young America’s Foundation):

Not only is unemployment higher among youth than any other major demographic, but record-smashing college debt levels and a looming $15 trillion national debt threaten to financially indenture the millennial generation to the federal government for the rest of our lives.

To visualize this dire situation, Young America’s Foundation has created the Youth Misery Index (YMI). Taking a page from a listing made famous by Jimmy Carter, the Youth Misery Index uses simple addition to combine youth unemployment, average graduating student debt (in thousands), and national debt per capita (in thousands).

Youth unemployment is at 17.4 percent – one of the highest levels since World War II. Average graduating student debt has reached a record-breaking $26,300. National debt per capita is $46,900 – the highest ever. Add it up, and the Youth Misery Index comes out to 90.6.

Of course, Obama has had plenty of help from big government politicians on both sides of the aisle.

The op-ed coincides with the launch of a new initiative I’ve helped put together called the “Youth Misery Index,” which tracks youth unemployment, national debt per capita, and average graduating student loan debt. Click here to learn more about the YMI.

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