Christian Unviersities Sue Obama

by Nathan Harden

In today’s feature at The College Fix, Abigail Wilson of Benedictine College reports that two Christian universities are resisting certain provisions in Obama’s new health-care laws:

Belmont Abbey College in North Carolina filed its lawsuit on November 10, after the federal government published a regulation requiring that all group health plans must provide free contraception and sterilization. This includes controversial abortifacients Plan B — the morning-after pill — and Ella — the week-after pill.

On December 21, Colorado Christian University filed suit as well.

“CCU is not opposed to contraceptives,” said Ron Benton, Assistant Vice President for Administrative Services at CCU. “In fact, our current health plan includes birth control pharmaceuticals. However, we do not believe [Plan B and Ella] are contraceptives but pharmaceuticals that are disguised as a means to abort a child.”

CCU is an interdenominational Christian university, while Belmont is Catholic.

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