Religious Discrimination at Wichita State

by Nathan Harden

“All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.” That, I believe, is how George Orwell put it.

Out at Wichita State, they had a similar philosophy. Until recently, they figured some student groups were more worthy of university funding than others. If you happened to be part of a “non-scholarly religious group” at WSU, you better have held some bake sales or a few car washes, because you weren’t going to get a dime of university funding. Religious student groups, among all “non-scholarly” groups, were uniquely excluded from receiving student-government funds.

That was until one WSU student brought this issue to the attention of the American Center for Law and Justice last month. The ACLJ sent a letter to WSU and things changed in a hurry.

As Benedictine College student Abigail Wilson explains in her feature story today at The College Fix:

In response to the complaint, ACLJ wrote a letter to the University threatening to take legal action and demanding a repeal.

ACLJ asked for removal of a line in WSU’s Funding Act which read, “11.2 The following items are considered non-funded items: …11.2.15 Any non-scholarly religious activity”

The line was removed Feb. 15.

A change like this one usually requires two readings of the bill, according to an article by The Sunflower, WSU’s newspaper. In this case though, a motion was passed for immediate voting on the amendment.

You can read more about this case, and the quick resolution brought about by the vigilant actions of ACLJ, right here.

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