Harvard’s Anti-Israel ‘One State Conference’

by Nathan Harden

Harvard called it the “One State Conference.” But they should have called it the “One-Sided Conference.” As Emily Schrader of the University of Sound Carolina writes in today’s feature story at The College Fix, at a recent conference on the one-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, speakers spent most of their time demonizing Israel, and opposing points of view were completely absent among the conference’s speakers:

The stated goal of the conference was “to educate ourselves and others about the possible contours of a one-state solution and the challenges that stand in the way of its realization,” which sounds like a perfectly reasonable topic for academic discussion. But with a plethora of anti-Israel speakers on hand (Ilan Pappe, Diana Buttu, Susan Akram and Ali Abunimah) and nobody representing an alternative viewpoint, the conference was weak on critical examination – and strong on demonizing Israel.

Even Harvard Kennedy School Dean David Ellwood issued a statement in advance, distancing his school from the conference and expressing disappointment with the one-sided nature of the invited speakers. “Without the balance of divergent views that characterize the most enriching discussions, the credibility and intellectual value of any event is open to question,” Ellwood explained.

And he was not alone. Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown also issued a statement, condemning the conference and requesting that Harvard cancel it, due to “dangerous thinking that gives comfort to Israel’s enemies… Harvard has a right to do it, but that doesn’t make it right to do it.”

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