Students Battle Police at Santa Monica College

by Nathan Harden

Students at Santa Monica college clashed with campus police on Tuesday evening. Students had gathered to protest a proposed increase in tuition prices. (The college is facing massive budget shortfalls.)

With shouts and raised fists, students rushed a police blockade, attempting to gain access to a meeting of the college’s board of trustees.

The mob rushed in. Police responded with pepper spray and swinging batons. See video of the chaotic scene below:

This incident mirrors a clash between police and Occupy movement protesters at UC-Davis last fall. In that instance, police also resorted to pepper spray in order to control a crowd of protesting students.

On Tuesday night students were heard shouting lines such as “Shame on you” and “Education was meant to be free.”

I’m appalled by this. These kids harbor a sense of entitlement so powerful that it compels them to violence. The only thing more disturbing than their dangerous mob-fueled behavior is the sheer meagerness of the “grievances” they claim to suffer.

They riot against police over a $400 tuition increase. But most of them would happily see the government take total control of their lives, finances, medical care, and liberty. They would willingly submit to a crushing socialist welfare state, without so much as a whiff of protest. In fact they would invite such a thing with great pleasure.

For more video and details on the violent clash at Santa Monica college, click here.

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