Drag Show at a Catholic University?

by Nathan Harden

The University of San Diego is hosting a drag show this week, complete with a lip-sync competition and with a local drag queen named Tootie serving as emcee.

University president Mary Lyons explained the purpose of the event:

In a letter published in the California Catholic Daily, [Lyons] said the show is meant to “foster students’ understanding of, and empathy for, the complexities of gender non-conformity.”

You gotta love that thick academic double-speak. The far left will always resort to multi-syllabic gymnastics when they want to whitewash morally objectionable projects that are, in fact, meant for no other purpose than to pollute the impressionable minds of the young.

Paging all those parents with kids at the University of San Diego: Did you send your kid off to this pricey Catholic institution in order to shield them from all the moral and intellectual rot being served up at most secular schools? What do you get for your trouble and expense?

Not your money’s worth — that’s for sure.

Click here to read more about the intellectual fare being served up in the name of the Catholic Church out at U of SD.

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