Matthews Ignores Cherokee Scandal

by Nathan Harden

MSNBC makes no effort to hide its liberal bent. But since when did it become “liberal” to ignore a white politician’s blatant abuse of affirmative action and false claims to minority status? This week, when Elizabeth Warren appeared on Chris Matthews’s show, Matthews didn’t even mention the raging racial scandal that surrounds Warren.

I mean, Not. A. Word.

Apparently, if you are a Democratic candidate, you can make a mockery of affirmative action (a sacred liberal institution) and the progressive folks at MSNBC will nevertheless do their best to avoid mentioning it to their viewers.

Imagine how different things would be if Warren were a Republican. She would have been branded a racist by Matthews and all the other talking heads at MSNBC. She would have been run out of Harvard Law School. And she would have been sanctimoniously denounced by all the leading lights of the Democratic party.

The Democratic establishment’s silence on Warren’s behalf is proof that the party takes the minority vote for granted, and that all of the “principles” of racial equality and fairness they continually espouse are nothing but political bait — empty rhetoric meant to ensure the allegiance of non-whites. When those “principles” stand in opposition to the political career of a white Democratic Senate candidate, they are quickly cast aside.

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