Hamline Law Adjusts to the Changing Market

by George Leef

Here is an interesting story about Hamline Law School in Minneapolis. It is called “the number four law school in a four law school town” and finds itself with an incoming class that is a third smaller than its peak class a few years ago. What to do?

Rather than wither away by continuing to offer only the traditional JD, Hamline is branching out to offer programs for people who want to know a little about some specific area of the law. Seems like a sensible move; many accountants want to learn about specific areas of accounting without becoming CPAs, so why not similarly offer courses for people who want to have some legal knowledge, but don’t want or need a JD? Of course, as I have often argued, no one really needs a JD, even though in many states it’s a mandatory prerequisite for doing anything in the legal field. Maybe Hamline, by un-bundling legal education, is charting a course that many more schools will follow.

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