Re: Against Diversity

by George Leef

Roger and John have written a sharp and concise refutation of the main arguments advanced by the proponents of racial preferences. Just a while ago we were discussing the huge flaws in their case and it occurred to me that the oral arguments in Fisher ought to resemble those in Obamacare, with the counsel for Texas grilled with unanswerable questions just as Solicitor General Verilli was.

Here’s the question I’d most like to see one of the justices ask: “Your argument is premised on the supposed need to combat stereotyping of minority students and racial ‘misunderstanding.’ Can you point to any evidence that such stereotyping is in fact widespread among college students and that ‘racial misunderstanding’ is a serious problem?” And this follow-up: “Isn’t it true that nearly all of the ‘minorty’ students who are accepted under policies that favor students of certain ancestry are culturally homogeneous with the great majority of the students who are admitted without preferences?”

Other proposed questions would be welcome.

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