Profs Caught Recruiting for Obama

by Nathan Harden

Every once in a while one of these eye-rolling stories comes along, showing just how shameless the academic Left is in flaunting political bias. Peter Wood of the National Association of Scholars reports that faculty at Ohio State University received a memo this week from a fellow faculty member, encouraging them to invite an operative from the Obama campaign to visit their classes and address students. The memo even told professors that “if you were willing,” the Obama operative would encourage students to volunteer for the Obama campaign during the class visit.

I find it very interesting that the Obama campaign is trying to turn a taxpayer-funded, public university into a partisan recruitment center.

Ohio is a battleground state, so I guess all bets are off for the Obama campaign this year. But wouldn’t you like to see Ohio State officials make some kind of effort to preserve at least the appearance of academic independence?

Read more about this story here.

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