Alleged Hypocrisy and the GI Bill

by George Leef

John Rosenberg has a sharp rebuttal on Minding the Campus to the talk emanating from the left that the Republicans who had good things to say about the results of the GI Bill are hypocritical when they oppose our huge welfare state. He correctly skewers the non-sequitur of arguing that if you think one government program worked, you can’t then oppose any government program.

As I have said here before, though, I don’t think the GI Bill worked at all. Prior to WWII, the United States had no shortage of highly trained professionals. Most of them learned their accounting or engineering or finance or teaching, etc., without first getting a college degree. That is to say, the GI Bill opened the door to today’s credential mania whereby obtaining a BA is a mandatory prelude to getting into the world of work. I don’t think the GI Bill deserves its sacred-cow status.

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