She Conformed to Her ‘Alleged Biological Mandate’

by Nathan Harden

An American University professor raised a few eyebrows recently when she breastfed her baby in front of students during a class on “Sex, Gender Culture.” Probably no big deal. But you wouldn’t know it by reading her 4,000-word account of the event. Here’s a snippet:

In an increasingly anti-woman national context, I have it easy. I am among the privileged white professional class that legislators would like to see breeding, and I have conformed to my alleged biological mandate. And yet, having worked for many years to build a reputation based on my scholarly and other work, I was loathe to become the victim of the “scoop” of a sexist third-rate university newspaper available online for all eternity, or the darling of a pro-lactation movement that in many ways I find myself at odds with . . .

There’s more, much more (if you dare).

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