Governor Mitch Daniels on Leadership

by Jason Fertig

We were fortunate to have Governor Mitch Daniels on campus to facilitate a Q&A with a classroom of students. He stopped off at our school on the way to his keynote address at the Southwest Indiana Chamber of Commerce’s annual dinner. Some of you are thinking that you may have to look outside to see if any pigs are flying, because a Republican was welcomed on a college campus.

The most notable point from Governor Daniels’s talk with the students was not his acknowledging of ways that his administration has tried to make the business climate of Indiana more entrepreneur-friendly — it was that as he talked about his accomplishments, he never said “I” (everything was “we”). In fact, the only time I recall him saying “I” was when a student asked him about his greatest failure and how he learned from it.
I like to tell my students to “lead in reality, not in theory.” It doesn’t get more real than seeing a well-respected governor own his mistakes and share credit for his successes with others.

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