Activists Wage War on Thanksgiving

by Nathan Harden

The life of the modern liberal consists of one imagined war after another. Never is there an end to grievance.

The newest target of liberal academic activists? Thanksgiving. 

Here are the details on the activities of the University of Virginia’s progressive warriors:

UVA’s American Indian Student Union . . . says people have a skewed idea of the history of native tribes and their association with Thanksgiving.

The anti-Thanksgiving potluck will be a chance to discuss Thanksgiving from a Native American perspective.

. . . In addition to the anti-Thanksgiving potluck, the student organization will also be hosting a screening of “The Only Good Indian.” . . . The movie looks at the past practices of Native Americans being forced to adopt white American society.

Nothing says “imperialist hegemony” like stuffed turkey and pumpkin pie.

More details here.

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