Job Training for Gender-Studies Majors

by Nathan Harden

This month Yale began offering a new class on bartending.

The Yale College Dean’s Office will host three free bartender-training sessions beginning Jan. 28 in an effort to raise awareness about alcohol and decrease high-risk drinking. The training includes a two-hour course in mixology and a four-hour course in Training and Intervention Procedures (TIPS) — a national program designed to reduce risky drinking by improving the knowledge and intervention skills of alcohol servers. Twelve students attended a pilot training session held Dec. 10 and 11, and 30 students will be allowed at each spring event.

“We know underaged people are drinking,” said Director of Yale Catering Robert Sullivan. “We’re trying to see what we can do to make sure underage students understand what a drink is supposed to look and taste like.”

I applaud Yale. This new bartending class will be perfect preparation for the likely future jobs of Yale graduates in majors such as Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. It’s also much needed for students who have chosen Environmental Studies or the Ethnicity, Race, and Migration major.

The fact that the class is open to underage students will make it that much more effective. Students will have four whole years to master the martini before hitting the working world.

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