NAS’s Hundred Great Ideas

by Jason Fertig

In celebration of the 100th issue of Academic Questions, the National Association of Scholars published “One Hundred Great Ideas for Higher Education” — 100 ideas by 100 individuals who are passionate about change in higher ed.

Most of us have mused about positive (e.g. increasing rigor, reducing fluff) and negative (e.g. cutting off all federal student aid) solutions to higher ed’s problems that we would like to see implemented ASAP. I wish I could wave a wand and have all employers eliminate the college degree as a job requirement in favor of employment tests. But, as much as some may want to see schools shut down and turned into vacation communities, such scorched-earth pipe dreams are not part of this list. The 100 ideas consist of positive, achievable proposals. 

Readers won’t agree with everything, but the sheer volume of the list and the pedigrees of the contributors (I’m on there, but I’m happy if I’m the 100th most accomplished on that list) shows the energy built up for reforms.  

Now we just need to release that energy in the proper direction.   

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