Wage Gap Bake Sale at UNC Gender Week

by Jay Schalin

After a decade of suffering paroxysms of indignation over campus conservatives’ holding “affirmative-action bake sales” to illustrate the inherent unfairness of race-based admissions, it appears that liberals are adopting the concept as their own. At UNC–Chapel Hill’s upcoming Gender Week (sponsored by the Women’s Center, naturally), there will be a four-hour “Wage Gap Bake Sale.” White women will be given a 23 percent discount on baked goods, since, according to feminist literature, they earn only 77 cents for every dollar earned by white males. Black women will accordingly be given a 36 percent discount; no mention was made of discounts offered to black males, Latinos, Latinas, or any other minority groups.

Of course, in their infinite myopia, the UNC feminists managed to get the concept wrong. Affirmative-action bake sales illustrate the unfairness to white males by charging them higher prices; the Wage Gap Bake Sale also charges white males a higher price — illustrating . . . the same unfairness to white males that affirmative-action bake sales show?

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