Liberals’ Gender-Neutral Housing Crusade

by Nathan Harden

Yale senior Alec Torres has written an article arguing that gender-neutral housing puts women at greater risk of sexual assault. Academic officials who embrace gender-neutral housing are putting politics ahead of student safety:

The argument usually runs that to separate students in housing based on gender is arbitrary and particularly unfair to those of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) community. . . . For the sake of argument let’s look past the clamor of the LGBT community for new privileges because such a decision would undoubtedly affect many heterosexuals as well.

By allowing members of the opposite sex to live together we allow both homosexuals and heterosexuals of the opposite sex to share the same living space. Is there no worry over possible sexual harassment or rape when a young college male, brimming with hormones, and often drunk, also shares the same intimate living quarters with a girl who bathes, changes, and sleeps in the same small area?

Read the full story at The College Fix.

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