NAS’s Report on Bowdoin College

by Roger Clegg

The much-anticipated National Association of Scholars report on political correctness at Bowdoin College has been released today and can be viewed on the NAS website here. For earlier PBC links and links to links on the project, see here and here

In this post, I just want to flag the release of the report, and make one lawyerly point. Much of what universities like Bowdoin do these days is not illegal but merely foolish; some of it is foolish and possibly illegal; and some of it is not only definitely foolish but also definitely illegal. In the latter category I would place making any faculty hiring decisions on the basis of race, ethnicity, and sex. So see the discussion of “Faculty Recruitment” in Peter Wood’s preface and of “Faculty Diversity” in the report itself, and my discussion of the legal distinctions between weighing “diversity” in student admissions versus faculty hiring here

But all of this foolishness, whether illegal or not, ought to be of interest to Bowdoin alumni and to anyone who cares about higher education.

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