Off the Script

by Jane S. Shaw

Like the governors of many states, North Carolina’s chief executive, Pat McCrory, has been wrestling with  how to balance his state budget.  So it was no surprise that when he spoke to the University of North Carolina’s Board of Governors today the budget was his major topic.

But his closing remarks were unexpected. He said that he is personally concerned about addiction on campuses. He called addiction to alcohol and illegal drugs a crisis, saying that binge drinking and the use of  cocaine and heroin can be found on all 16 college campuses of the UNC system — and probably all over the country (that is, he wasn’t just singling out his own state). He said that it’s something that sheriffs in every North Carolina county are aware of and something that has been “swept under the rug.”  Many people consider binge drinking and even abuse of drugs as “a rite of passage,” he said, but “some people cannot recover.” Drug cartels, he said, are “going where the money is,” and some students have a lot of money. 

McCrory tends to speak his mind, and it will be interesting to see if this expression of concern resonates with any board members or chancellors

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