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Re: John Rosenberg Demolishes


The Chronicle post in question makes much ado over “a series of racial incidents at Oberlin College.” While the author acknowledges that Oberlin is “historically progressive,” it does not occur to her to doubt the truth of the supposed incidents. Peter Wood does so in this NAS article.

There is good reason to think that the Oberlin administration made a mountain out of a molehill, if even that. But, assuming that the Oberlin situation were entirely true — that a liberal college with a 28 percent “minority” student body finds itself plagued by racial antagonism — are we to believe that Oberlin could solve this problem by further increasing its minority “representation”? That would seem to follow only if the few whites who were responsible for the alleged incidents were the ones who were filtered out by the move to increase the school’s diversity. And if Oberlin could recruit more minority students, that necessarily means fewer of them for other schools, thus making the situation worse for their remaining minority students.


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