Diversity’s Demise

by Jay Schalin

Providence College professor Tony Esolen is a medievalist who has unique and colorful ways of expressing important and original ideas, as anybody who watched his Prager U. performance in Jason Fertig’s post below can attest. In this article, he explains how the idea of diversity has been turned on its head. A brief sample:

I can think of no play more drearily predictable than Tony Kushner’s dainty foray into political porno-twaddle, Angels in America; but that will count as “diverse,” whereas Aeschylus’ The Eumenides, a foundational play for Western civilization, seems to arrive to us from another world, a strange planet of blood vengeance and subterranean deities. You can read Aeschylus twenty times and grow less and less “familiar” with the work, as you see more and more with each new reading.    



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