Prof: Conservatives Lack Mental Prowess

by Jay Schalin

Why is academia exceedingly liberal? According to one left-leaning academic, it’s because “the job of being a professor has been ‘imprinted’ with liberalism and thus few non-liberals are attracted to it.” That’s George Leef’s description of the main theme of University of British Columbia sociologist Neil Gross’s new book, Why Are Professors Liberal and Why Do Conservatives Care?   

While Gross professes objectivity, George shows how instead, in a most partisan-like manner, the sociologist trots out lots of the old unproven stereotypes about conservatives being knuckle-dragging throwbacks who can’t handle the mental demands of academia. Such as:

Academic work, he [Gross] argues, is more appealing to those who are open-minded, tolerant, and patient thinkers. Most conservatives, however, are supposedly too dogmatic and authoritarian to have much interest in such a career.

As George shows, you almost wonder why Gross had to write an entire book about this topic to get his message across. A bumper sticker, such as “Conservatives is stoopid,” would have been equally penetrating, scholarly, and deep.

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