Another Serious Problem for Egalitarians

by George Leef

That is the “undercitation” of women and minority authors in philosophy. Thanks to a tipster who prefers to remain anonymous for this:

The SEP administrative staff has been following the discussion sparked
by Kieran Healy’s recent work regarding the undercitation of women
philosophers in articles published from 1993-2013 in four important
journals. …

We take this citation issue seriously and we are writing now to
encourage our authors, subject editors, and referees to help ensure
that SEP entries do not overlook the work of women or indeed of
members of underrepresented groups more generally.

So please keep this in mind as you write, revise, or referee an entry
for the SEP. And any time you notice a source missing from an SEP
entry (whether or not it is your own entry), you are welcome to write
to us.

Thank you for your attention to this matter and thank you for your
participation in the work of the SEP.

All the best,
Ed and Uri
Edward N. Zalta Principal Editor
Uri Nodelman Senior Editor
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

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