Student Defends Hillsdale College President Against Allegations of Racism

by Nathan Harden

Members of the Michigan Department of Education are bending over backwards to take offense at comments Hillsdale College president Larry Arnn made recently during a hearing. Meanwhile, Hillsdale student Spencer Amaral has written an article exposing just how ridiculous Arnn’s accusers are:

Arnn presented his argument against state interference in education, and included a story of state officials visiting Hillsdale College in 1998 to inspect the school’s “racial diversity.” Arnn was outraged – as am I – that the state would act in such a blatantly race-based manner…

“To that I told them, we are probably the first college in human history, certainly one of them, founded with a charter that says we will take black and white men and women without any discrimination,” Arnn said.

The committee members immediately took offense at the use of the term “dark ones.” Such stunning adeptness at bending over backwards to find offense in a statement by ignoring the plainly-stated context — which had just been declared literally right in front of them moments before — is truly astonishing, and depicts either a mind-hobbling willful ignorance or a frightful ineptitude of the English language. Never mind that the term was only meant as an ironic slam against the hypocrisy of state officials who preach the virtues of a color-blind society, and then measure students by skin color alone…

Michigan officials aren’t at all, apparently, offended by the idea of a burereaucrat walking around counting up the number of students with “dark” skin or “light” skin or whatever shade. No, to them that’s not racist at all. But it ought to be — and that was Arnn’s point.

Yet somehow using the word “dark” is racist in the minds of the functionaries of the Michigan Department of Education. But my guess is they consider the word racist only if uttered by a wel- known leader of one of the nation’s few politically conservative colleges.

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