Free Stuff Nation

by Jay Schalin

There is a growing chorus of voices on the Left clamoring for higher education to be free, just like public K–12 education. That would eliminate all those messy funding problems and student loan problems and the inequality caused by families who save to educate their next generation. And surely putting the government in charge would improve quality as well.

Over at the Pope Center today, George Leef reviews a book by one of those voices, UCLA writing professor Robert Samuels. (Samuels also happens to be the president of the University Council of the American Federation of Teachers, so there might be an incentive to keep university employment high somewhere in all this.)  And George doesn’t like what he sees: one of his conclusions is that “it would destroy much of private higher education.”

Of course, maybe that’s part of the “free college for all” crowd’s intent. After all, private ownership of anything is bad. Plus, it’s easier for the government to control content when it signs professors’ paychecks.

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